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spirit always survives

January 14, 20172 min
spirit always survives
amidst the jaded words and lies
this flame burns so deep inside
and when all the egos ties
are worn thin through years of time
some moment comes that is so real
and one day we finally decide
to believe that Spirit will survive

and we thank God for his amazing grace
that allows us to see Spirits face
with such a loving embrace
that looks deep into our soul
to guide us through the darkness
to a new and higher place

and then we find a way to pray
to throw off the covers that hide
the flimsy attempts to be so great
and we have the strength to say
my spirit will survive

and we will awake
to get past all the worlds dramas
through all of the worlds challenges and trials
and whatever comes and goes through time

my spirit will always survive

and with the faith of God inside
nothing can hold me from the light
that gets me past the darkness
and all the hate we might find

my spirit cannot die
and my soul will last forever
and I know that I will find
that po

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