The Cindy Paulos Show

The Angels Caress

March 7, 20172 min
i am here to share
the gifts of God brings
in the abundance of life
and limitless blessings we receive

I feel the caress of the angels
touch my soul at dawn
in the quiet moments
before the distractions come

their touch reminds me
I am spirit here in form
not separate but truly one
with loves source from which all is born

and sometimes i can't help but feel
I am a vessel of light afloat in the sea
of Creations universal energy
the wind of spirit directs my soul
and God's will is my compass
that directs where to go

I would be lost in the darkness of the night
without the gift of God's heavenly light
so I thank The Father and Mother divine
and ask to share their blessings I find

and I return to Spirit take time each day
and go into the silence and pray
to let His will guide the way
as through the seas of Creation this vessel sails

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