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The divine flow

December 29, 20161 min
there is a divine flow of light
that guides and directs us
and with every breath I am part
of this ebb and flow
I am part of the universal spirit
that lives within me and guides me
as to what I encounter and learn in life
And which is the best way to grow

for all of life is from the one source
and when we become aware of that presence
we can become united with our soul
we can experience the Divine spirit
alive within us and all life as God

There is only one mind
and one heart of this Divine loving energy
all alive in our life in infinite forms in life

all there for us to observe
and to learn from
so we can understand
our role to serve in our time here

we give thanks to God
for this blessing
and ask to be open to the Guidance
that leads us to be attuned
to that love that God is in our life

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