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The eternal life

March 9, 20172 min
I am the death and the eternal life
The I am the energy of transcendant light
all a fragment and just a tiny part
of Gods universal love alive in each heart

I am the prayer
that with faith is freed
the breath of Holy Spirits flame
that burns as candle through eternity

a sea of hungry hearts need to be fed
and there are a million affirmations still to be said
and our souls shine with a hope that's lit
by the Mothers love as our daily bread

God hears our prayers
if we really believe
we are the ones who have the key
to open that door and be finally be free

so we bow deep to God's pure energy
we plug in our souls to that power that feeds
and connects us to the source we need
and we throw up our arms and breathe

so grateful for our life
and all it might take
to be here on this planet and participate
-as one who serves the human race

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