The Cindy Paulos Show

The Holy Chalice

March 21, 20172 min
holding forth an empty chalice
that reflects a holy light
asking for that sacred presence
to illuminate my life

letting go of all that's held me
from being with Christs presence here
reaching the moment of accepting
and allowing the naked truth to appear

is it so hard to just be
free of the egos ties
to not really fool myself
and hide from that pure light

this choice is mine and yet I feel
that pure light is the only way
to overcome the darkness
we must dedicate our lives to God each day

to do the best we can
and really allow Christ's love to be
present in our heart and mind
we must set the ego free

fearlessly we face
whatever comes our way
with the pure power from the source
we let God guide us everyday

and we hold the holy Chalice
and we drink the nectar of that wine
and become the love of God
the fruit of heavens vine

And Our soul proclaims the Glory
That Gods loves Alive in everything
and Mother Mary smiles that smile
And we know the blessings that grace brings

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