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The Longest night

December 17, 20162 min
on the longest nights of the year
the soul crystalizes and shatters into tears
to fall in mirrored pieces
with the prisms of lives reflections here

and the breath listens to the calling
and hears the sound of rain
with all the past recalled
to be released to God again

as we prepare for Christmas
and share what we have endured
to make it through this year
to be prepared for what is unsecured

for the darkness has hidden from us
where the path may lead
and the heart is offered up
on the hope that love will solve the mystery

and I know the spirit is alive
it has just fallen asleep
waiting for the new birth
and the past to be complete

and still the rain is falling
and the roosters crow at dawn
the know the light is coming
all we need is the faith to carry on

so I reach out to Mother Mary
and ask for Her Mercy and the power
to believe the silver lining
holds answers that we seek

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