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The reason for the season

December 13, 20161 min
and in the time of Darkness
there is this inner yearning for the light
with prayers and silent callings
I hear the echoes of the heart cry out

can you understand Lord
all we've created to delay
your hand that reaches outward
waiting to show to us the way

we have feasted and we've partied
and we've done all we can do
to celebrate the holidays
and yet we still have not honored you

and in this time when days are short
and storms seem to come and go
the world is still in such need
for much more love to be shown

may I honor the gifts you've given
and share in whatever way I may
to bring a little more light to the world
and more hope for us I pray

each random act Of kindness
each smile that is offered will convey
and help to bring more joy forth
and together we can find a way

to bring the true spirit of Christmas
into our hearts so we can do our part
to share more love as we celebrate
the reason of the season as we go forth today

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