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This path

October 26, 20162 min
on this path that has no beginning
and has no end my friend
on this eternal journey we live on
we experience all ever need
we rise and fall again and again and again
learning every time we fall
to Arise and continue til we reach
that space where we surrender to love
and no longer need to pretend

and we accept the miracles
we accept the mistakes we made
we accept all those things
that took us to that place of acceptance
to reach the space of a holy grace
where we no longer choose fear
and are embraced by a unconditional love
that takes away all the pain
that truly understands what it takes
to be alive to live this life

to find the strength
to walk on this eternal path
and let the light of God chase away
the illusions and replace them with a divine light
that leads us to see
although so we often forget
that we were always with God
who is waiting for us to find him
right there inside us eternally

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