The Cindy Paulos Show


March 31, 20171 min
I am a child of the lord
grateful for a chance to experience life
and sometimes accepting direction
on the way out darkness to the light

for I've been lost for so long in the wilderness
aching for Gods loving embrace
that compassionate forgiveness that understands how far in the world we can roam
to try seek the perfect life
which is never as good as We hoped

I see this ever reaching upward
to the infinite cosmic stairway home
met in the cross of the vertical dream
and the material horizon of the world we live in

and our lives are just a staging place
of this passion play in space and time
a field of these strange dreams
given to us to try to find out why

and we are all Gods children
these Spirits living here in form
ever seeking and sometimes finding
the reasons why we were born

so I go within and talk to God
and light a candle and pray
to live with a little more understanding
and try to love a little more each day

and the Blessed Mother stands by
with that smile

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