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Wandering in the fields of Heaven

January 11, 20172 min
if I were to wander through fields of Heaven
and find you waiting there for me
would it be the souls moment
when I could be made complete

there this subtle nudging I feel
And words that whisper of an alternate reality
where a prayer is almost heard
a miracle sometimes occurs

Theres a moment where the bridge is seen
Where I can cross the river to meet
but I know in the back of my mind
it's not yet time to finally be set free

oh mother of the bliss of heaven
oh Master of the one great light
let me live to my fullest
the opportunity given in this life

I pray you bring your presence forth
to be alive within my heart and mind
and guide me on the way
for the reason I came to find

But oh the sweet breath of spirit
carries such a mystical fragrance
that holds these sacred possibilities
so i reach to touch the masters robe
and I bow so deep at his feet

and in the distance I wonder
is it enough to pray and meditate
how do I take these holy morsels offered
and make them a feast

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