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10 reasons to Eat & Enjoy Cilantro

November 12, 20149 min
If you're someone who hates cilantro, you might want try to learn to love it so you can enjoy all the health benefits associated with it.Cilantro, an herb known for it's health benefits and heavy metal cleaning can be found in many popular Spanish, Chinese and Indian cuisines. However, this herb seems to be either heavily liked, or just as equally hated.If you're one of those people who would rather pass on the cilantro infested foods, you may want to reconsider.Cilantro is low in calories but packs a ton of nutritional power. For instance, cilantro contains high amounts of antioxidants, essential vitamins, fiber and helps lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels while raising your HDL (good) cholesterol. Cilantro is most known for its powerful cleansing effects. The chemical compounds within cilantro bind together the toxic metals from your body's tissues.Not only can cilantro be used in dips and entrees, but it has also been used for medical purposes. This herb contains antioxidants and oils that can be used to as an antispasmodic, rashes, and as a digestive aid.What are the other benefits associated with cilantro?Why you should incorporate cilantro in your meals:

Cardiovascular health
Lowers blood sugar
Helps treat anxiety (muscle relaxing qualities, helps calm nerves)
Acts as a digestive aid
Anti-inflammatory effects
Helps promote weight loss
Helps remove toxicity in your body
Stimulates your endocrine glands
Contains immune boosting properties
Helps with insulin secretion & regulates blood sugar

What else do you need to know about cilantro?Author Holli Thompson, CHHC, CNHP joins Dr. Holly to discuss the powerful benefits of cilantro and how you can learn to eat and enjoy this herb.

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