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7 Benefits You Get by Detaching from the Digital World

September 22, 20159 min
It may be hard to do, but your health will thank you for it.In today's world, it can seem nearly impossible to truly "get away." Everything you might need is accessible through your fingertips. This may be great for doing multiple tasks at once; such as writing an email and setting up appointment reminders, all while on the phone with your boss.But, being SO connected to technology isn't such a great thing for your health. It might even be difficult to break your tech habits. However, according to an article on Care 2, there are seven amazing things that happen when you wean yourself from your digital world.What are the seven benefits?
You save on your energy bill
You have an increased awareness of your surroundings
You have reduced body pain
You have better quality of sleep
Your memory and mood improves
You become more productive
Your satisfaction is simply just being in the moment
Listen in as Dr. Holly shares the seven benefits you receive from detaching from technology and the rest of digital world.

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