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Angina: Understanding & Naturally Treating Your Chest Pains

January 21, 20159 min
Angina isn't categorized as a disease, but as a symptom of a bigger health issue, coronary heart disease.Angina, which is chest pain caused by decreased blood flow to the heart muscle was rare until about 60 years ago. Angina is a pressure in your chest, shoulders, arms, neck, back and jaw. Many who experience angina often describe it as a similar feeling to indigestion.Angina usually goes away quickly, but if left untreated it can be a huge risk factor for a heart attack in your future.Angina has become more prevalent since changes in dieting and lifestyle started to catch up with society, where now fast food meals are the norm and healthy, prepared meals are almost unheard of. Blockages in your arteries caused by plaque build up causes blood flow unable to flow to your heart. This leaves your heart with less oxygen and the pain you may feel in your chest.What are the types of angina?There are three types of angina; stable angina, unstable angina, and variant angina. Stable angina is the most common and is caused by physical activity or stress. Unstable angina occurs when you're resting or inactive. The pain is strong, frequent, and long lasting. Lastly, variant angina happens at night or during your sleep. If you've been experiencing any symptoms of angina, it's crucial you see a doctor immediately.What are some natural ways to prevent angina from happening?

Fish oil
Coenzyme Q10
Magnesium/potassium Aspartate
Vitamin E
Vitamin B-12

Jacob Teitelbaum, MD discusses a diet, exercise, and natural supplements that can treat and even reverse this condition.

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