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Are You Self-Sabotaging?

March 25, 20159 min
It's true, you can be your worst enemy.The saying, "you are your worst enemy" couldn't be more consistent with self-sabotaging behavior. For example, do you wait until the last minute to finish something, then it takes longer than you expected so you get mad at yourself for doing that? Or have you acted out on self-interest and later regretted that behavior and again got mad at yourself for doing so?There are many other forms of self-sabotage like binge drinking, emotional eating, skipping workouts, and staying up late (even though you need be up early the next morning).You might be self-sabotaging.Self-sabotaging can be the most abusive and destructive behavior that you engage in. The worst part is, you often don't realize you're doing it. Self-sabotage behavior occurs when you have constant negative feelings, or (undermine yourself) that get in the way of daily behavior, or long-term goals.How can you break the pattern of self-sabotage?Rebececca Scritchfield, MA, RD joins Dr. Holly to discuss what self-sabotage is, the many forms it comes in, and how you can overcome it.

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