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Art of Tea Detoxing: How to Use Tea to Boost Weight Loss

December 1, 20159 min
How long should a tea detox be?There's no denying that dieting can be hard work and frustrating. This is especially true after days or weeks of deprivation and the number on the bathroom scale still hasn't budged... or worse, moved in the wrong direction.There can be numerous reasons why you're not losing weight, but there are tools you can use to overcome those factors. Tea can actually help boost your metabolism and aid in healthy weight loss.What types of tea can help?Teas have been used for their detoxifying and healing properties for many centuries. Here are a few tea types that have been shown both anecdotally and clinically to stimulate the detoxification process and/or jump-start the burning of resistant body fat:

Green tea
Ginger tea
Guarana tea
Rooibos tea
Oolong Wu Yi tea
Synergistic Tea Blends

Listen in as Holly Lucille, ND, RN, shares the different types of teas that can help you de-bloat and jump-start your weight loss goals.

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