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Beauty Detox: Rejuvenate Your Skin From the Inside Out

February 4, 20159 min
A skin condition like a rash could be a direct reflection of something going on inside your body.Your skin is one of the most important organs of your body. Not only is it the largest organ of your body, but it helps protect your internal organs, regulate your body temperature, and lets you experience the sensation of touch.However, what you eat, the cosmetics you use, and your own happiness affect your outward appearance. Most doctors say when something is wrong internally, it can show externally in forms of rashes, bumps, sores, and other skin conditions.What are some ingredients on labels should you be avoiding?

Polyethylene glycol

What are the best nourishing foods for our skin?

Bone broth
Sweet potatoes

What are some tips to help your skin find its natural glow?Tips to detox your beauty routine and to finding that natural glow:

Read ALL labels: If you can't pronounce it, it doesn't belong in or on your body
Avoid using harsh alcohol-based cleansers: This can be rough and damaging to your skin
Boost your self-love: How you feel about yourself actually reflects on the outside. Once you start to love yourself, your outer beauty shines

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc joins Dr. Holly to discuss ways your skin could be trying to show you that something inside your body is off, foods to nourish your skin, and tips for detoxing your beauty routine.

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