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Can Proper Nutrition Treat and Reverse Common Vision Problems?

January 28, 20159 min
Studies haven shown the risk of developing cataracts can be decreased by more than half by eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.Your eyes are a vital organ and play an important functional role in your life. The ability to see may rank number one as the most important out of your other senses. Unfortunately, there are several common eye disorders that can affect your eyesight and overall health.According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 22 million Americans have cataracts, 2.3 million Americans have glaucoma, and 3.2 million Americans have dry eye.Is there a way you can help prevent your eyes to these damaging disorders?A board certified ophthalmologist, Robert Abel Jr, MD suggests that by balancing nutritional chemistry it is possible to control or eliminate many of the factors that contribute to the development of eye disorders. For instatnce, by consuming high levels of vitamin C, Omega-3, and B12 can drastically lower your risk for developing glaucoma.What are the top 10 foods to improve your sight, as well as lower your risk for developing common eye disorders?

Cold water fish (sardines, cod, tuna, mackerel)
Leafy veggies rich in carotenoids (spinach, kale)
Onions, shallots
Soy (non-GMO)
Extra-virgin olive oil

Why don't most ophthalmologists address the eye's nutritional needs?Dr. Robert Abel Jr, MD joins Dr. Holly to discuss common eye disorders, and what foods you can eat to help improve your eye health.

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