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Does Your Birth Control Pill Make You Fat?

February 4, 20159 min
The most popular form of contraceptive could be the reason for you inability to lose weight.Birth control is one of the most popular ways to protect from getting pregnant. Even though birth control works as a contraceptive, it can also help ease your menstrual pains and cramps, help keep your skin clear, and relieves your PSM symptoms.Even though there are many forms of birth control, the most common is the pill. There are some side effects such as breast tenderness, nausea, headache, breakthrough bleeding, decreased sex drive, and mood swings.But, could your oral contraceptive be contributing to your weight gain or inability to lose weight?Sarah Corey, AADP joins Dr. Holly to discuss the uses of birth control, and if it's really causing you to gain weight or lose weight.

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