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Dr. Holly's Top Sources for Healthy Eating

May 31, 20169 min
Find out some of Dr. Holly's favorite resources for eating healthy.You want to feed your family well. It’s helpful to know the best places to look for information on food. There are resources that can help you know what you should seek out and what you should avoid when planning healthy meals.The Environmental Working Group has a $15 membership that lands you free samples. They have information on food based on bar codes. They have the updated Dirty Dozen (highest pesticide content) and Clean Fifteen (least pesticide content). There's a shopper's guide to help avoid GMO food, as well as information on filtering water.Moms Across America is a grassroots organization. They are increasing the awareness of the toxicity of glyphosate, most commonly known as Roundup pesticide.Institute for Responsible Technology is the most comprehensive website on the dangers of GMO foods and products. Jeffrey Smith, the man who first sounded the alarm against GMOs in the late 1990s, runs this website. Thrive Market is a membership grocer like Costco. They have gluten-free, vegan and organic food. Wise Choice Market specializes in recently produced organic fresh foods (bone broth, fermented foods, etc.) that can be ordered for delivery. If you're looking for healthy convenience, this is a great option. Holy Crap offers gluten-free, vegan and certified organic breakfast cereals. Wholesome Chow offers gluten-free and organic grains and baking mixes.Listen in as Dr. Holly Lucille shares some of her favorite resources for healthful eating and restricted diets.

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