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Emotional Eating: No More Getting the Best of You

April 5, 20169 min
Are you an emotional eater? Learn how to take control.Emotional eating is far too easy. Turning to food for comfort in times of sadness, anxiety or loneliness is common. Even when you aren't actually hungry, you may eat because you are emotional.Emotional eating thwarts you in your weight goals. The shame you feel after devouring that container of ice cream isn't good for your mental health, either.How can you gain control of your emotional eating?

Keep a food diary. Track your feelings and what you crave.
Be aware of what's driving you to eat. Are you truly hungry or do you just feel like eating?
Have a glass of water before snacking. Thirst symptoms are often mistaken for hunger. If the water doesn't make you feel full, you may actually be hungry.
Don't eat while watching television or doing something else. Just eat when you're eating.
Exercise regularly to reduce your stress and cut your cravings.
Snack on something healthy first. Try eating some cut veggies, yogurt or an apple. If you still feel like indulging, do so after you eat a healthy snack.
Get a good night's sleep for more energy and a suitable appetite.

Listen in as Dr. Holly Lucille joins host Melanie Cole to discuss how to combat emotional eating.

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