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Finding Acceptance With Being Imperfect

February 4, 20159 min
Constantly striving for perfectionism can get in the way of your health and overall happiness.It's hard not to image a perfect life for yourself as you look ahead to set goals and plans to execute them. Whether it's finding a perfect partner, career, family, friends, and lifestyle habits, the high expectations you're setting for yourself could actually be working against you.When these perfect plans don't actually turn out the way you like you may start to feel guilt, defeat, and unable to let the growing process work its course.You're human, and sorry to break to you but one of the major characteristics of being human is being flawed. Everyone makes mistakes, and not one single person is perfect. It's when you set such high expectations for yourself that you're bound to run into some trouble and fail.For example, do you have a perfect diet, where you're constantly on track, avoiding the delicious temptation of that chocolate cake? What happens when you slip and eat a piece, do you feel shameful?Or what about the perfect workout routine...if you get caught up in work, or something happens at home where you're unable to attend the gym. Do you think of something quick that you can do (hey, it's better than nothing) or do you decide to skip it completely since you're unable to get that perfect workout in?Constantly striving for perfectionism can get in the way of your health and overall happiness.How can you learn to accept being imperfect?Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD joins Dr. Holly to discuss why striving for perfection can actually backfire, and how you can find acceptance in being imperfect.

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