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Get Wild with Your Salmon

March 15, 20169 min
Get the most out of your salmon by eating wild.A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that those who ate fish had far less cognitive decline than those who didn’t. This study was conducted on 210 people aged 70 to 89. Salmon is good for you because of the omega-3s. Farmed fish don’t give the same nutritional benefit. They’re fed grains that are high in inflammatory fats. Farmed fish food may contain GMOs, chicken feces, antibiotics, and pig and duck waste. If you are what you eat, these farmed fish seem like something you would not want on your plate. With regulatory changes, you may want to just focus on eating wild salmon. A good place to start is to visit your local fishmonger. All Atlantic salmon are farmed; Pacific salmon are usually wild. Sock-eyed salmon are never farmed. Alaskan salmon by law cannot be farmed. The “ocean raised” label may just mean “ocean adjacent farmed,” so don’t be fooled. Ask questions about the salmon at restaurants so you know if it’s wild.Listen in as Dr. Holly Lucille joins host Melanie Cole to discuss why you should eat wild salmon.

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