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Healing with Clay: A Natural Way to Cure Modern Diseases

January 14, 20159 min
Clay has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to heal many medical ailments.You might associate clay with an exotic day at the spa filled with facials and mud bath treatments. However research has been shown that clay has been used for centuries as an internal and external natural remedy to heal infections, ease pain, and promote healing.What are some of the ways clay is used to heal?

Insect bites
Cuts and sores
Achy joints
Poison ivy
Puncture wounds
Chemical and radiation poisoning

Clay healing works in four steps: 1. Adsorption: Many toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals carry a positive charge. The negative ions in clay are eager to attach to these toxins, swapping negative ions for positive, and creating a bond that keeps the toxin and clay together in suspension until your body eliminates the pair together. 2. Absorption: If adsorption functions like a magnet, absorption functions like a sponge, it’s a slower and less selective process but other elements in the gut become assimilated by clay, which allows your body to rid itself of potentially harmful material after absorption occurs. 3. pH: Clay has been shown to lowering acid levels and neutralizing heartburn, reflux, and upset stomachs. 4. Minerals: Minerals are essential to the chemical reactions that keep your body healthy. Clay is a rich source of trace minerals needed to keep your body functioning properly.How else is clay used as a natural remedy?Darryl Bosshardt, Expert in Therapeutic Clay Healing joins Dr. Holly to share the numerous benefits associated with clay healing.

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