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How to Detox Daily & Naturally

April 1, 20159 min
You don't need to spend weeks detoxing your body and mind.If you're constantly feeling bloated or haven't been watching what you're eating, a detox is a great way to start fresh. Detoxing can help you feel refreshed, boost your energy and help your digestive system get back on track.A detox can last for short or long periods of time and is the process of ridding your body of toxic or unhealthy substances. During the detox, your organs work together to help bind and eliminate the toxins in your body that may have come from food, the toxins in your environment and water.But, instead of putting a time frame on your detox, you may want to consider doing something everyday that naturally detoxes both your body and mind.What are some ways you can detox daily and naturally?Dr. Holly shares why detoxes are a great way to refresh, and how you can naturally detox everyday.

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