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Is Genetics to Blame For Your Inability to Lose Weight?

January 21, 20159 min
The only way to successfully lose weight lies within your genetic makeup.Dieting can be a rewarding yet also frustrating process, and it all depends on your genetics. If you've been focusing on losing some weight and have tried every diet imaginable- gluten free, carb free, Atkins, South Beach, and even the detox diets-but you're not shedding those stubborn pounds, it can make you want to throw in the towel.However, when it comes to weight-loss not everyone is given an equal opportunity. Research is trying to help you understand why it may be simple for your best friend, or partner to lose weight while it takes you twice as long. Everyone comes in all different shapes (curvy, apple, straight, athletic) and sizes (tall, short) and it all has to do with your DNA. Your genetics plays a huge role in your metabolism, and fat absorption.Dieting has led women astray by making their struggles with weight worse, negatively affecting their health, and keeping them from living the lives they want. Healthy Weight Week encourages women to improve health habits in lasting ways by eating well without dieting, living actively and feeling good about themselves and others.Even though there's a societal pressure to look e thin and to constantly be working on your appearance, what if you learned to love, accept and specifically work on habits for your body?If you can accept yourself, it leaves more room to focus on your habits. Even if you want to lose weight, your habits will get you there. You can learn to work with your body without being unrealistic and unreasonable.What are some healthy daily habits to follow?

Daily moving and walking often 
Stop sabotaging yourself!
Ask yourself WHY you want to make changes to your body
Have REALISTIC goals
Eat wholesome and nutritious foods

Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD joins Dr. Holly to discuss why your dieting habits are bound to fail, how your genetics plays a role in weight loss, and how you can develop healthy habits for your own body if you want to lose weight.

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