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Juicing Cleanse: A Safe Way to Jumpstart Your Weightloss?

November 12, 20149 min
A three day juicing cleanse can seem appealing after a week of unhealthy eating, but is it healthy?Three day Juicing cleanses has become a hot commodity within the past few years. You may have been hesitant to try it at first, since the thought of drinking something that contains beets, kale, lemon and apple might not sound all that appealing.Then, you began noticing juice stands and tiny bottles at your grocery store. And, after a week (or three) long binge of unhealthy eating habits, starting a juice cleanse can sound very tempting. However, there is a healthy and right way to do a juicing cleanse so you're not depleting yourself of nutrition and causing more health issues.How do you do a juice cleanse?A juice cleanse typically is detox method of riding the toxins from your body by strictly consuming fruit and vegetable juices. Juicing cleanses can be quite controversial, and many believe it can be dangerous to your overall health. However, juicing cleanses can be safe but it's very important to check in with your doctor before and after you start.What are the positive benefits of juicing?Juicing raw vegetables is a great way to incorporate your daily needs of vitamins and minerals. If you're someone who is turned off from eating veggies for a snack, by juicing, the nutrients are absorbed much faster into your body as opposed to your body slowly digesting that food.Not to mention the other health benefits of juicing such as increased energy, boosts your immune system, promotes weight loss, and supports your brain health.But, why would you just embrace benefits of just three days when you could be having fresh juice everyday?One of the biggest mistakes you might be making is buying premade juices from your grocery store, Groupon or pop up stands. But, you never really know how fresh that juice is. Many companies are using a technique called high pressure processing (HPP) which can increase the shelf life of juice up to two to four weeks.If you're participating in a juice cleanse for a couple of days, you may notice you've lost some weight. However, it's also very common to gain all that weight (and then some) back a couple of weeks following the cleanse.If you're someone who's interested in juicing or is known for doing multiple juicing cleanses throughout the year, your best bet would be to invest in a juicer so you're in charge of the quality of the juice.What else do you need to know about juicing cleanses?Everyday Juicer Ray Doustdar discusses the benefits associated with a juicing cleanse as well as how to jumpstart your path to healthy eating and living.

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