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Leptin: Your Belly Fat Burning Friend

June 21, 20169 min
Getting rid of belly fat is all the rage. Your body creates a hormone that burns it for you.When it comes to burning belly fat, your best friend is inside your own body. The leptin hormone is the most powerful metabolic regulator. It's created in your fat cells and tells your brain when you need more energy. It dictates when your brain thinks you're hungry, when you're full, and when you need to create more fat.Leptin resistance means your brain isn't getting the cues. This creates that pesky belly fat. Leptin levels above 12 lead to weight gain, but levels that are too low put you at risk for dementia.Ask your doctor to test your leptin levels. Be sure you get plenty of sleep and reduce your stress. Eat lean meats and a plant-based diet. Reduce your sugar and eliminate processed foods. Work toward a healthy leptin level and aim to reduce any possible leptin resistance.Listen in as Dr. Holly Lucille discusses your best friend for burning belly fat.

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