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Low Dose Naltrexone for Autoimmune Diseases

January 10, 201726 min
Learn more about low dose naltrexone for treating autoimmune diseases.Frustrations with diagnosis, treatment and results from conventional Western medicine may prompt you to search for alternatives. You want an alternative that is safe, effective and well-researched. One excellent resource where you can find research on the effectiveness of supplements is PubMed. Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is a drug that acts like a nutritional supplement. Initially intended to treat addiction, it is now used to treat autoimmune diseases by arresting their progression.Doses of 50mg to 100mg block opiod receptors in the brain, preventing patients from experiencing a high when they take drugs. Lower doses of 3mg can have a beneficial immune modulating effect.It's important to educate yourself about low dose naltrexone before speaking with your doctor about it.Listen as patient advocate Julia Schopick joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss the benefits of low dose naltrexone.**Email for more information about LDN.

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