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Natural Ways To Support Your Body During Peri-Menopause

April 1, 20159 min
What can you expect going into peri-menopause?As a woman ages, it's natural for you to experience menopause. However, you may not realize that you're prone to experiencing peri-menopause as well.When your ovaries start to decrease and eventually stop functioning, you may start to experience hormonal changes that can cause you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable.For example, estrogen and progesterone should be in balance with one other; when they are out of balance or simply fluctuating—as they do in pregnancy, during the menstrual cycle, and as the ovaries decrease in function with age—you can feel the effects throughout your body.When you go through peri-menopause, your ovaries start to make less estrogen, so both progesterone and estrogen levels begin to gradually decrease. Estrogen often decreases in a raging manner, sometimes fluctuating from high to low within minutes. Every time estrogen levels shift, it sends a signal through your body that triggers many of the symptoms you may associate with peri-menopause or menopause; insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes, migraines, and mood changes.What are some other symptoms of peri-menopause?You may start to see changes in your bowel movements, skin issues like acne, aches and pains in your joints, vaginal dryness, urinary frequency, and weight gain.Is there any way you can ease your symptoms of peri-menopause?Natural health expert, Doni Wilson, ND has come up with a natural liver detox that's full of estrogen support. This includes:

B vitamins: B6 (P5P), folate (5MTHF), and B12
Methylation support: choline, SAMe
Indole-3 carbinol, diindolmethionine (DIM), and sulfurophane
Turmeric (Curcumin) and Resveratrol
Milk Thistle (Silymarin)
Green Tea Extract

Dr. Wilson joins Dr. Holly to share several tips on how you can support your body during peri-menopause and post-menopause.

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