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Omega What? Making Sense of Fatty Acids

March 11, 20159 min
Essential fatty acids are necessary in your diet in order for you to maintain a healthy life.Trying to eat a wholesome, healthy diet can be just as confusing as it is hard. Today, the standard American diet usually consists of high fat, refined sugars and carbohydrates, and little nutritional benefit.Even though you do need a balance of fat and carbohydrates, it can be hard to follow which source is the healthiest. Choosing the type and quality of fat in your diet is crucial, because fat becomes part of your cell walls, nerves and membranes in your body.Have you noticed that whenever you're overly stressed or tired, you find yourself craving more fatty foods?This happens because even though you may get a short pick me up, but will leave you crashing harder than you previously were. It's important to know the correct fats you should be consuming in your diet, since an improper balance can lead to dangerous health disorders like heart disease and cancer.So, what are the fats that you need in your diet?

Polyunsaturated fats (non-essential and essential)
Fatty acids (alpha-linolenic and linoleic

What are some ways you can make sure you're getting the proper fats in your diet?Dr. Holly discusses the different omega acids and oils and how they benefit your health.

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