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Promoting a National Culture of Wellness

February 21, 201726 min
How can we improve health and healthcare for all Americans?We have a narrowly defined wellness culture, primarily consisting of the middle class and affluent population. Why is chronic illness on the rise? Why is it so hard to meet the simplest of health goals?Most Americans are struggling for survival within the context of a highly stressful, materially oriented, high performance focused society. They don’t take the time for self-care with diet, exercise and enjoyment of the qualitative aspects of life. Health defaults to the medical system. We expect our doctors and hospitals to just fix the things that are going wrong. Making Changes

Speak up and demand the healthcare system improve health promotion. Teaching people important tools for optimal health can improve quality of life.
Government officials should create a call to wellness. The citizens need and deserve a way to change the current healthcare system into a caring system. Everyone should be motivated to embrace a wellness lifestyle.
Apps and wearable devices can help track your health and wellness. Your lifestyle choices also make a huge difference; they're something within your control.

Listen as Dr. John Newport joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how to improve the current state of health.

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