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Refusing Hormones During Menopause?

March 25, 20159 min
Women delay hormone treatment as long as possible; but why?You may have been weary to try hormone replacement therapy due to side effects and other risks associated with these types of treatments. But, have you ever wondered why so many women still take hormones? It's because the benefits of these medications can outweigh the risks.However, when it comes to hormonal treatment, you might be afraid of taking them because you’re actually unaware of the benefits. Of course, there is risk with hormonal treatment. But remember, there is risk to taking an aspirin. Should a woman avoid or postpone hormonal treatment because of that risk? No. The consequences of delayed or avoided treatment include bone loss, muscle loss, arteriosclerosis and so much more.Women delay hormones as long as possible, but why?You may think that taking hormones is extremely dangerous for your health and poses a greater risk for cancer. However, starting hormone therapy early is the exact opposite and is actually beneficial to your health. Taking hormones early can also help reduce your pre-menopausal symptoms.What else do you need to know about taking hormones?Daved Rosensweet, MD, joins Dr. Holly to discuss the myth of hormone therapy and how it can actually backfire on your health.

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