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Resources for You: Skin Care, Gut Health & Toxic Air

May 31, 20169 min
Learn some of Dr. Holly's favorite resources for skin care, gut health and contaminants.With all the health concerns we’re facing today, it's helpful to have some trusted resources for solid information. Dr. Holly Lucille has a potpourri of information with great places to go to get your questions answered.SkinDeep is the Environmental Working Group's comprehensive list of safe and not-so-safe personal care items. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What you use on your skin directly affects your health.Power of Poop details the importance of a healthy gut. There is information on getting a fecal transplant to give your gut microbiome a boost.TED Talk addresses the microbiome in the gut. The American Gut Project has a service where you make a donation and send in a poop sample to find out exactly what critters are living in your gut. World Health Organization created this report on indoor and outdoor air contaminants. Type in your zip code and see what you're breathing.WaterKeeper Alliance informs people about pollutants in our natural waterways and why we need to take action to protect them. BYRDIE provides a short and simple list of ingredients to avoid in cosmetics. Remember that your skin absorbs toxins from the products you use.Listen in as Dr. Holly shares her go-to sites for information on skin health, gut health and air quality.

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