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Stress Survival Hacks

December 20, 201626 min
Make the holidays less stressful by implementing some of these simple hacks.More than half of Americans surveyed consider the entire 2016 presidential election cycle a huge source of stress. Compounded with holiday stress, many of us could use a little stress relief right now. Our modern day stressors don’t help our health. We act like it’s normal. It’s not normal to suffer from chronic stress. Stress weakens the immune system and precipitates disease. Here are some tips to help you through the holidays and beyond. Start Each Day with Breakfast

Food is medicine. A healthy breakfast is key. Low-sugar yogurt can help you get a probiotic into your system.
Mushrooms can help balance your immune system. You may consider an AHCC supplement if you can’t get enough mushrooms into your diet. Add some to your breakfast omelet.
Oats and barley are also great for starting your morning. Both have beta-glucan, a fiber that has antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits.

Clear the Clutter

Clear your physical space.
Triage your day the night before. List things as urgent, important and non-urgent. This clears your mind for a decent sleep.
No phones when you wake up in the morning. Don’t look at your email until you finish eating and start preparing for your day. Check social media twice a day.
Meditate or do yoga to clear your thoughts. Exercise to knock out stress.

Listen in as Dr. Ken Redcross joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share simple ways you can break the stress this season.

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