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The Importance of Patient-Centered, Individualized Medicine

November 29, 201619 min
Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating individuals.Many people who investigate naturopathic medicine feel they have been failed by conventional Western medicine. It’s important for practitioners to review all of the evidence and not cherry pick what supports their pre-existing ideas for diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic practitioners try to treat people based on environment, lifestyle and genetics. Identify and treating the cause of disease can help treat the whole person by reducing or eliminating the symptoms. It’s far more complicated than giving St. John’s wort instead of antidepressant medications. Diet, lifestyle and medication are tailored to the individual’s needs. The goal is for a patient to not require a prescription for life. What does the patient need to do in order to reverse the health status? There are tools that can help strategize this healing. Visit to find a naturopathic doctor to help you. Listen in as Guillermo Ruiz joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss how important it is to get individualized care.

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