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The Underlying Cause of Overeating

October 20, 20159 min
What have researchers discovered that could be contributing to overeating?Whether you're at home watching a movie, or dinning out with your friends, you may not even realize how much you've eaten until you start to feel uncomfortable, bloated, and that burning urge to take a nap.Overeating has become a huge problem within society and can even be a considered an eating disorder.However, new research might have found why you overeat in the first place. One particular study gathered a wide range of guidelines on eating and food from all around the world, as well as ancient food wisdom from many years ago. They were placed into a perennial principles format, including:

Eating whole fresh foods
Eating with positive feelings
Eating with mindfulness
Eating with gratitude
Eating with loving regard
Eating while dining with others

Researchers wanted to know how individuals followed these guidelines by taking a large sample of 5256 Americans who participated in a six-week, 18-lesson online course on integrative eating.What did the researchers find?Listen in as Holly Lucille, ND, RN, shares the recent study that might explain the core reason behind overeating.

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