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Tips and Tricks To Not Pack On The Pounds When It Gets Cold

December 10, 20149 min
Your couch may be looking extra comfy these days...When the weather begins to change, not only can it make you want to stay inside, but it also can make you unintentionally pack on the pounds. Even if you're staying consistent with your eating and exercise habits (kudos to you!), you still may find yourself caught in a tempting pickle.75 percent of Americans' weight gain takes place during the holiday season and Americans' usually gain around five pounds. That doesn't seem that bad, but if you aren't doing anything about keeping the weight off, after each year your weight gain may accumulate.Family and friendly get-togethers are usually surrounded by eating and drinking, and even though exercise should be a year round habit, you may find yourself slipping and finding reasons to stay snuggled up on the couch instead.What are some tips to avoid packing on the pounds this winter?When it's too cold to do your workouts outside, or you don't have the means to have a gym membership, getting out of the house and going to a mall, Costco, or any other HUGE retail store and just walk.Another tip is to use your own body weight. You may feel like this isn't going to be enough, but once you're in a pushup position and trying to pull yourself back up, you'll be surprised how challenging it can be.The way people workout has been changing and research has been backing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), doing high spurts of energy for a short period of time. Again, this doesn't require any additional weights. (If you want to learn more about HIIT, and the types of exercises you can do read here).Lastly, changing the way you may help keep excess weight off. Instead of eating off a plate, try eating out of a bowl can help keep your portion control in check.What other tips do you need to know to help keep winter weight off?Everyday juicer, Ray Doustdar joins Dr. Holly to discuss the tips and tricks that you can follow to avoid weight gain during the cold months.

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