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Understanding Your Meat & Dairy

May 3, 20169 min
Learn to decode food labels so you know exactly what you're buying.You may think you're buying food that's all natural when you shop. But, labeling can be tricky. It's important to know exactly what you're getting.Cage-free refers to animals raised outside of cages but not necessarily outdoors. Free-range means the animals had outdoor access, even if it was scheduled and monitored. It's easy to get the two confused.Farm fish are raised in wire pens in bodies of water or in tanks. They aren't being fed things they would find in a natural environment. Wild-caught fish may have been spawned in a farm before being released into the wild and recaptured for food. Wild fish spent the entire life cycle in the wild.Grass-fed animals aren't fed a diet full of grain. Grain causes problems for many people, and the allergens in the grain may pass through to consumers via meat and dairy.Listen in as Dr. Holly explains what your meat and dairy labels mean.You can also find out more about meat and dairy labeling here.

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