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Your Dairy Free Guide to Calcium

January 14, 20159 min
Did you know humans are the only species that continue to drink milk past infancy?As a child, you might have been told the only way to grow up big and strong was to drink a glass of milk with every meal. Even though some still praise the wonderful benefits of milk, others believe it's the reason for many health woes such as acne, chronic bloating, heart disease, kidney stones, diabetes, cancer, and why allergies are at an all time high. Dairy can be hard to digest and you may find your body functioning better without it.Removing dairy from your diet may be hard and overwhelming at first, especially if it's incorporated in many of your meals. You may also feel a little concerned on how you'll keep your calcium levels from dropping, since dairy is your only source of calcium.The good news is that there are a variety of healthy choices you can make to ensure proper calcium levels in your body without any dairy. You can get calcium from plenty of other sources that don't include dairy such as:

Collard greens
Soy milk
Black-eyed peas
Blackstrap molasses
Baked beans
Chinese cabbage
Sesame seeds

Join in to hear Sarah Corey and Dr. Holly give their top tips on maintaining strong healthy bones, no milk required.

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