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2017 Land Rover Discovery Climbs Boulders | SEGMENT 3 | #281

March 11, 20177 min
The designers of the 2017 Land Rover Discovery knew exactly what they were doing. While the 'boulder climbing technology' may not be what everyone needs in a daily driver, this car is capable of doing whatever you need it to. Norris McDonald, Automotive Journalist for Toronto Star Wheels, talks with Alan about their outstanding test drive experience where the full-size SUV conquered some extreme terrain - The stiff chassis left them feeling like they were still sitting in the parking lot, even with a tire hanging three feet off the ground in a boulder pinch. Loaded with safety features like 'Hill Descent Control' and the ability to wade through up to three feet of water, the Discovery is a revolution in luxury off-roading. Find out more about the versatile vehicle equally ready to tackle sand dunes or simply go cruising for coffee. | Listen to Full Episode #281

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Guest: Norris McDonald
? Bio: Norris McDonald
? Twitter: @NorrisMcDonald2
? Facebook: /Norris-McDonald-230707830469914
? Company: Toronto Star Wheels
? Website:
? Twitter: @TorontoStar
? Facebook: /torontostar
? Instagram: @thetorontostar

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