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A Sweet Appreciation for Station Wagons | SEGMENT 5 | #285

April 13, 20176 min
Alan chats with George Kennedy III, automotive journalist for the Boston Globe and other notable publications. They spend some time appreciating the glory and versatility of station wagons. Unfortunately, wagons only made up about 1.1% of vehicle sales in the USA in 2016, but with the release of new rides like the Volvo V90 XC, the market could see a shake-up. Want a wagon that oozes luxury? George tells us that Porsche will be releasing a Panamera Wagon in 2018 (Alan cries, "Blasphemy!"). Are you ready to fall back in love with station wagons? | Listen to Full Episode #285

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Guest: George Kennedy III
? Bio: George Kennedy
? Twitter: @GKenns101
? Facebook: /george.kennedy.18062
? Instagram: @gkenns101
? Company Affiliations:
? Website: Boston Globe
? Website: US News
? Website:

Other Helpful Links:
? Featured Vehicle: Volvo V90 Cross Country
? Article: Wagons Face an Uphill Climb in US
? Vehicle Mention: 2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

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