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Autoblog Has the Newest Automotive Reviews | SEGMENT 3 | #283

March 25, 20177 min
Michael Austin, Editor-in-Chief of Autoblog, talks about some new information he's heard about the release of the Dodge Demon. He also explains the growth that is happening at Autoblog and what is in store for the future. They have news, reviews, and studies that cover everything you could want to know about the auto industry. More recently they posted a survey done by J.D. Power and Associates that ranks the dealership service departments with the best customer service in the USA. With a new look and user-friendly website, Autoblog has made researching simple for anyone that is in the market for a new car. Listen now if you're looking to up your knowledge before purchasing a car, stay informed on the latest rides, or just learn something new about your car passion. | Listen to Full Episode #283

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Guest: Michael Austin
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? Survey: 2017 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study

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