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Automotive Industry No Longer Boys Club | SEGMENT 12 | #282

March 18, 20175 min
High schools from across the country have formed teams for the 10th annual Shell Eco-Marathon in the United States. 17-year-old Kelsey Green of Granite Falls High School is the proud captain and driver of her school's Urban Auto All Boys Team. Inspired by her father who is an engineer for Boeing and her sister who was a shop girl, Kelsey fell in love with the automotive industry and has been competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon for four years now. There are many different categories in the marathon - Her team will compete in the Urban Concept category with a nearly street legal car specially engineered to achieve upwards of 525-MPG. Women are making a name for themselves in the industry and Kelsey's goal is to major in automotive engineering with a minor in business so she can make her mark on the future of fuel efficient cars. Hear more about the brilliant, young minds of the Shell Eco-Marathon now. | Listen to Full Episode #282

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Guest: Kelsey Green
? Affiliation: Granite Falls High School Eco-Car Teams
? Website: Granite Falls High School Eco-Car Teams
? Twitter: @gfhs_ecoteams
? Facebook: /GFECOTEAMS
? Instagram: @gfhs_eco_teams

Featured Event: Shell Eco-Marathon
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? Twitter: @shell_ecomar
? Facebook: /Shell
? Instagram: @shell_ecomarathon
? YouTube: /Shell

Chat About Automotive Industry No Longer Boys Club | SEGMENT 12 | #282

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