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Automotive Industry Strives for Efficient Future | FULL EPISODE | #282

March 18, 201784 min
The automotive world is changing around every corner and luckily, we get to hear from some of the big names in the industry to help make sense of it all. Professional stock car driver, Cameron Hayley, talks about the high emotions that come into play at a NASCAR race, and how important sponsorship is to every driver. Kelley Blue Book's Karl Brauer shares some stories about his thrilling motorcycle ride with the MotoAmerica team, and brings home some exciting news after his experience at the Geneva International Motor Show. Next, we get to chat with Mazda's very own Matthew Valbuena about the passion that goes into the engineering of Mazda's infotainment interface with signature Bose Sound System; both of which are beginning to render aftermarket tech obsolete. BJ Killeen is on the line to share a little bit about her new column with The Vegas Voice. Plus, find out how President Trump's meeting with automakers may shape the future of the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards. We end the show with a couple inspiring women; Lori Harvey and Kelsey Green, who are setting the bar for fuel efficiency with the help of the Shell Eco-Marathon and Hitachi. Change is constant and automotive knowledge is power, so listen in to find out what is on the horizon for car lovers.

[00:00:00] Emotions Run High in NASCAR

[00:06:03] Cameron Hayley is On the Hunt for Sponsors

[00:12:30] Extreme Quality Garage Cabinets by Hayley

[00:19:51] Karl Brauer's Death Grip Ride at Thunderhill Raceway

[00:27:29] Partying at Geneva International Motor Show

[00:35:52] Honda Civic Type R to Arrive in USA

[00:42:12] Mazda Showcases Signature Sound at SXSW

[00:49:44] Tech Advances Make Aftermarket Sound Obsolete

[00:54:43] Big Things for BJ Killeen and MINI

[01:02:03] Huge 2017 MINI Countryman Reviewed

[01:12:12] Shell Eco-Marathon & Hitachi Inspire Women

[01:18:04] Automotive Industry No Longer Boys Club

Chat About Automotive Industry Strives for Efficient Future | FULL EPISODE | #282

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