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BJ Killeen Reviews New Kia Niro Hybrid | SEGMENT 10 | #284

April 4, 20176 min
Setting a Guinness World Record title for Lowest Fuel Consumption by a Hybrid Vehicle, the Kia Niro is the next big thing when it comes to hybrid cars. With an average of 55-MPG, the Niro reached a fuel efficiency of 76-MPG in the recent record-breaking journey from LA to New York. This car is so awesome, Melissa McCarthy agreed to star in Kia's (surprisingly entertaining) commercials.

Our very own BJ Killeen got behind the wheel of the Niro and it has her raving! Thanks to the dual-clutch transmission, you're nearly guaranteed a smooth drive. Equipped with heated seats, smart cruise control and many other tech-forward additions, don't miss our real-world review of this new economy ride. | Listen to Full Episode #284

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