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BMW USA Connects with Customers via New Video Series | SEGMENT 8 | #274

January 21, 20174 min
How we obtain our information has changed greatly, and video content consumption is still on the rise. It's so easy to stop and watch a video while scrolling through your social media sites! Trudy Hardy, VP of Marketing for BMW USA, talks about the changing landscape of "story sharing" on social platforms.

With millions of viewers on their channel, BMW USA keeps things fresh; sharing first looks, innovative designs, and cutting edge videos. It is their goal to make sure that they are not only marketing to their consumers, but also creating an unforgettable experience. This company has always had a pioneering spirit, hear how they continue to stay one step ahead.

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Segment #8 Takeaway: BMW is utilizing video as their main marketing tool and want it to be special for their fans.

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