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Carbon-based Lifeforms & Autonomous Cars | SEGMENT 10 | #283

March 25, 20179 min
Autonomous vehicles are here to stay, and those who create our safety guidelines are now redefining them. Years ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wrote pages of rules revolving around self-driving cars, mainly pertaining to the driver. An unusual and controversial California DMV stipulation dictates that only human beings may get behind the wheel. In a shocking turn of events, the Golden State issued official statutory language removing that requirement. After receiving loads of industry backlash, they realized that the verbiage change may not be in the state's best interest. In years past, NHTSA had issued new language referring to the driver of a car, stating that, 'The term driver could be either a human being or a drive computer'. Discover more about what's in store for autonomous cars. | Listen to Full Episode #283

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Guest: John Ellis
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