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CAS and Jetta Problems | FULL SHOW | #233

February 20, 2016125 min
Find out what new tricks Infiniti, Ford Chevrolet, FCA, Mazda, and Mercedes have up their sleeves at the Chicago International Auto Show. Then, Chris Duke tells us about his troubling times with a Volkswagen Jetta.
Segment 1: Infiniti: All Premium
Infiniti defined the five passenger sporty SUV segment when they launched their QX70. Regional Vice President, Tony Gardina, explains how they are working with the dealers to improve the buyer's experience.
Segment 2: 1LE Performance Camaro
Camaro Marketing Manager fills us in on the 2017 1LE Performance Package and how they were able to cram so much luxury and performance into one car!
Segment 3: The Pacifica's Tech
UConnect's Aamir Ahmed tells us about the Chrysler Pacifica and its amazing tech features, like Parking Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, and more.
Segment 4: Are We There Yet?
"Are we there yet?!" Find out why the Chrysler Pacifica will save you from ever hearing this question again as we chat with Aamir Ahmed.
Segment 5: 75 Years of Jeep
Listen in as Alan and Director of Jeep, Jim Morrison, cruise a Jeep Wrangler up a 35 degree incline with no problems! Jim is proud to say that Jeep hasn't changed its profile in 75 years and is still a raw off-road machine!
Segment 6: Chevrolet Trax
Need a SUV that is perfect for your active life style, but small enough to navigate busy city streets? Chevrolet Trax Senior Marketing Manager, Betsy Flegg, gives us the details on this hot vehicle, starting at $21,000.
Segment 7: Sante Fe Facelift
Hyundai has revealed the mid-life cycle freshening of their best selling 2017 Sante Fe. Senior Group Manager, Brandon Ramirez, explains how Hyundai is giving the Santa Fe an exciting face lift.
Segment 8: 2017 Ford Focus RS
The previously foreign market only Ford Focus RS is now coming to the US! Ford Brand Manager, Omar Odeh, gives us the scoop on this 350 hp, AWD machine and it's all new 'Drift Mode.'
Segment 9: Mazda CX-9
Mazda had a great year in 2015 but now they are looking to the future! Senior VP of US Operations, Robert Davis, details the new CX-9, Mazda's three row crossover, which we can expect to see in showrooms in late April.
Segment 10: Emotion in Motion
Ever wondered why Mazda's cars always look like they are in motion, even when at rest? Design Manager, Ken Seward, shares how they use KODO design to meet industry requirements while still making beautiful cars.
Segment 11: 2017 Ram Power Wagon
"We are our own customers," Head of RAM Brand, Bob Hegbloom says. Bob describes the passion that goes into vehicles like the 6.4L Hemi engine sporting, 410 hp 2017 RAM Power Wagon.
Segment 12: Sprinter WORKER
A slashed price tag doesn't mean slashed quality. Mercedes' Bernie Glazer tells us how they were able to bring us the new Sprinter WORKER Van with a 5000 lb towing capacity 320 cu ft of storage for $32,000.
Segment 13: Car Battery Blues
How do we know if our car batteries petering out? Meineke President, Danny Rivera, fills us in on some early warning signs of a dying battery.
Segment 14: Meineke Car Care
Keep your car maintained by professionals, and earn free services at Meineke. Danny Rivera explains their points reward system and how it can save you cash!
Segment 15: Dodge Dart Trivia
We ask a trivia question for an Covercraft UltraTect car cover: what year was the first Dodge Dart made? Chris gives us his review of the 2015 Dodge Dart.
Segment 16: Cover That Roadrunner!
Caller Dave answers our trivia question and wins a Covercraft UltraTect car cover for his 1969 Roadrunner! Then, Chris Duke has some aftermarket ideas for his Dodge Dart test drive.
Segment 17: Duke's New Ride
When his daughter's Ford Taurus just wasn't cutting it anymore, Chris Duke bought her a Volkswagen Jetta. But that wasn't all...
Segment 18: A Stalling Jetta
After stalling multiple times, leaving Chris Duke's family stranded, their Jetta had to be picked up and fixed by Volkswagen!

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