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CAS, Viper Stories, and Ferrari | FULL SHOW | #232

February 13, 2016126 min
Freshly returned from the Chicago Auto Show, we bid adieu to the auto show season. Find out why Alan is scared of his Viper, which Karl Brauer prefers: Ferrari 488 ZTB or Ford GT, and why you shouldn't miss the Chicago Auto Show.
Segment 1: Carbon-Ceramic
Alan's new Viper is sporting Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, which cost more than our board-op's new Ford Focus, but why? Brembo President & CEO, Dan Sandberg, special process Brembo Carbon-Ceramic brakes go through.
Segment 2: BJ's Big Story
Too many brands and too many models leaves some car companies in the dust. We find out how BJ Killeen broke the story of Scion being shut down a night before Toyota announced it to the world.
Segment 3: Automotive Vault
The remodeled Petersen Automotive Museum now does vault tours, but BJ says they pale in comparison to the tours Dick Messer used to give. Dick explains why he knows so much about every car in Petersen's vault.
Segment 4: Concept Cars Galore
Alan is back from the Chicago Auto Show and impressed by one thing: Everyone has concept cars! That's not all that caught his eye though, tune in for insights from the nation's largest auto show!
Segment 5: So Much Power!
Alan got a new Dodge Viper ACR, and took it straight to the guys at Hennessey Performance to have them check it out! So what would John Hennessey change about Alan's new car? Well, nothing, as it turns out!
Segment 6: The Freeway Rocket
So just how fast did Alan end up going on his way back from Texas in his Viper ACR? Alan fills us in and gives us a firsthand account of what it's like to be the center of police attention on the freeway.
Segment 7: Ferrari 488 ZTB
"It beats walkin'," Karl Brauer jokes about the Ferrari 488 ZTB he is driving as he calls in Aliso Viejo Cars and Coffee. Find out more about Cars and Coffee and how you might find one near you.
Segment 8: Ford GT vs McLaren LT
Is the Ford GT ready for the 24 Hours of Le Mans? Is McLarren's 675 LT going to bring some stiff competition? Karl Brauer sounds off.
Segment 9: Ferrari 488 ZTB vs Ford GT
While KBB's Karl Brauer is impressed with the Ferrari 488 ZTB he is driving, he still much prefers his Ford GT. Find out why!
Segment 10: 2017 Toyota Camry
She Buys Cars Founder, Scotty Reisse, explains how she's bringing women into the automotive conversation, and gives us a virtual tour of the 2017 Toyota Camry.
Segment 11: Brembo and Ferrari
Brembo Brakes has been in business for over 50 years. Dan Sandberg tells us how the company went from rags to riches after helping Ferrari transition to the world of disk brakes.
Segment 12: Enzo Ferrari
Dick Messer tells the story of the time he met Enzo Ferrari and took a tour of their racing department in 1959.
Segment 13: Thanks GAS!
Galpin Auto Sports is the top Ford dealer by volume, but it is also home to one of the best car museums around. We thank Brandon Boeckmann for letting us broadcast!
Segment 14: Ford Ranger?
Are we going to see a new Ford Ranger anytime soon!? An anonymous source gives us a hint. Also, new legislation threatens the automotive aftermarket!
Segment 15: Mustang Rocket
Buy your new Ford and get it customized before it even leaves the lot at Galpin Auto Sports! Brandon Boeckmann fills us in on some of their current projects, including the Galpin Mustang Rocket.
Segment 16: DIY
Do it yourself! Sometimes the best way to get some work done on your car is in your own garage. Alan gives us an example of a time when some quality DIY work earned him a bit of extra cash.
Segment 17: Chicago Auto Show
Director of Public Relations and Social Media, Jennifer Morand, fills us in on the nearly 1,000 cars and 1,000,000 square feet of display area at the Chicago Auto Show.
Segment 18: The First CAS
We try to give away a Covercraft Car cover but no one can answer our question! What was the first year of the Chicago Auto Show? Listen in live next week for you chance to win!

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