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Driving Films on the Horizon for Hollywood | SEGMENT 6 | #283

March 25, 20176 min
The love for cars is one that will not go away quickly and Hollywood is bringing some epic driving stories to the screen. JoshCAR's Josh Hancock tells us about current and upcoming projects including Logan starring Hugh Jackamn and Baby Driver, featuring some of the best stunt driving the silver screen has ever seen (The Subaru WRX STI has us drooling). We also look forward to a string of releases all focusing on the notorious squabble between Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II. With all this car talk, Josh can't help but gush over the ever-popular Dodge Demon and epic Ford Raptor. Find out more about what rides will be hitting the red carpet next. | Listen to Full Episode #283

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Guest: Josh Hancock
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? Company: JoshCAR
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? Twitter: @JOSHCAR
? Facebook: /JoshCAR-131668056919818
? Instagram: @ joshcar100

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